From Job Request to Employment

We introduce wide variety of talents from local staff, Japanese staff, to management personnel. As a general guideline, we introduce suitable talents to companies after our own document screenings and interviews. Our introduction services are under contingency fee system for successful cases. In this system, a guarantee period is set, and replacement talents can be introduced, as well as refund policy is provided. We introduce suitable candidates promptly.

Please contact us at (852) 2522-9366 / or online at “Contact Us”.
Confirmation of the request and our service content
After receiving enquiry, we will check the recruitment conditions either over the telephone, Email, or in meeting. In order to recommend your company to job seekers, we request for detailed information on job description, benefit, and other company information. In addition, please confirm the “Terms & Conditions” with signature and company chop.
Introduction of talent, and document screening
Recommended talent resume will be sent via Email. After screening the documents, please reply to us whether interview is needed.
Interview, and interview result notice
After schedule confirmation, interview will be arranged on your requested date and time. We will be responsible for all correspondences and result notification to the applicant.
Support on employment, before and after joining the company
We will coordinate and correspond all confirmation of recruitment conditions as well as all negotiations. After agreement on the recruitment conditions, we will confirm the employment description on our prescribed form when necessary. We will also follow-up after the talent joined the company if it is necessary.

Please feel free to contact us at “Contact Us” or by telephone or by Email for any other information or queries.

Telephone: (852) 2522-9366