Job Introduction

General flow from Registration to employment.

Registration at Kingsway
Please register from “Online Registration”, or feel free to contact us through “Contact Us”.
Interview with Our Consultant
Your requests, career history, and language competency will be assessed by Kingsway’s consultant during interview. For those who may not be able to visit our office, we are able to interview through Skype or by telephone.

Please provide necessary documents as much as possible at registration.
Introducing Jobs
When a case matching your request and your resume is selected, the details of the job and working conditions will be explained. When agreeable, a copy of your resume will be sent to the company.

Unless it is under confidential terms, company name will be shown to the job seeker with consent.
Document Screening
An interview will be arranged after the document screening by the company.
Interview with the Company
The interview will be held at the employment location in general; however, there are cases of interviews held at Japan head office or other locations, or via video conference systems.
The Result Notification
We will oversee and support on confirmation of detailed conditions and entrance to the company.

We will continue to support you whether or not you have been employed.

Necessary Documents ※Please provide as much as possible at registration.

  1. Resume / CV (in Japanese and/or English) ※How to prepare a resume/ CV, click HERE.
  2. Certificate of graduation of your latest education (preferably in English)
  3. Working experience, present work position, and document of proof (certificate of present work status, certificate of leaving the last work, reference letter, etc.)
  4. Certificate of qualification (TOEIC/ TOEFL, ACCA/ LCCI, etc.)
  5. 1 photo


Generally, interviews with the companies are held twice. Therefore, job hunting will take time usually more than one week. We will advise you on necessary documents for application of visas if necessary.

Please feel free to contact us through “Contact Us” or at (852) 2522-9366 for any other information or queries.