Interview Flow

Before the Interview

After passing the document screening, preparation for the interview is important.
Please refer below for preparation points.

Research the company and re-check your career record
It is important to research the company in advance, such as checking the company homepage, in order to be confident during the interview. Please re-check your career history, requests and goals in regards to the position applied.
Prepare simple and tidy clothing, shoes, and bag for the interview. Even if the company does not require wearing business suits during work, we still recommend you to wear suits for interviews.
Confirm interview location
If you are not familiar with the area of the interview location, we recommend you previously check on maps. It is a good idea to actually go to the location to familiarize with the area and see the necessary travel time.

At the Interview

The first impression is crucial. You must arrive early to have time to relax and prepare yourself. Start with a smile and courteous greeting. Below are frequently asked questions and failure examples.

Specific examples for self-promotion
There may be questions on specific examples of successes and failures, or on your desires and goals, which might not be mentioned in detail on your resume. This is your chance to promote yourself, however, be precise and brief so not to sound like you are exaggerating. If you have learned from past failures, it is recommended to share the experiences and this will show your problem solving skills and give good impression for your honesty.
Handling difficult questions
There may be some difficult questions that you do not have any ideas to answer at that moment. It is not a problem to say that you do not know the answer or you “can’t think of it now”, but being silent without any answers will give a bad impression. In-depth questions give you the chance to be unique and show your character, so share your ideas and thoughts freely. This usually adds to your good impression.
Final interview
At the final interview with the managers and directors, they may ask the same questions again for confirmation, so keep your answers consistent and simple. Consistency in your answer is important.

Extra edition, NG Points

Interviews are place for promotion and communication for both parties, and good manner must be kept.

Name Card
There are some applicants who receive a name card and give it a quick glance then put it away, or those who keep the name card in their hand while talking. Neither of these are good manners.
After few interviews at the same company, some applicants’ oral presentation becomes too casual with the interviewer. Do not forget you are there for a job interview and it is best to keep proper language manners at all times.
There was an applicant for a senior position at a trading company, who attended the interview with black suits, black shirt, and black tie, which resulted in receiving unnecessary attention. Self-assertiveness can be positive at times, but it is recommended to have conservative appearance such as white shirts with modest design ties. For ladies, conservative fashion of less exposure such as skirts at knee length with modest make-up and nail care is recommended. Even for fashion industries, where appearances are much free and unique, it is best to appear conservative for interviews for good impression. Be flexible to choose proper clothes for different company natures.