【HK】Employment Visa (Z Visa) and Dependant Visa (S1 Visa) of China

People have to apply an Employment Visa (Z Visa) if they will work and stay in China over 90 days. For Hong Kong Employment Visa Holder with the HKID card, they can apply Z Visa in Hong Kong instead. Other than that, their family who have the Hong Kong Dependant Visa and HKID card can also apply the Dependant Visa (S1 Visa) in Hong Kong.

1. Alien Employment License
To apply an Alien Employment License, the applicant has to submit the application form, passport copy, 1 photo, relevant certificates (Certificate of Graduation, resume, Certificate of Qualification etc.), Health Certificate and Certificate of No Criminal Conviction and so on. Besides, all of the certificates must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Chinese Embassy that they are true. For the Health Certificate, applicants should take the health check up in assigned hospitals.

2. Employment Visa (Z Visa) and Dependant Visa (S1 Visa) of China
To apply Z Visa and S1 Visa, applicants should prepare the required documents listed below:
China visa application form, passport copy, HKID card copy, 1 photo, Alien Employment License copy, China Representative Office Registration Certificate copy, family registry translated in Chinese (**required when apply for S1 Visa).
The validation for Z Visa is 3 months and it is a single entry to China. Applicants are required to apply the Foreigner Working Permit and Residence Permit within 3 months.

3. Foreigner’s Working Permit, Residence Permit
After Z Visa / S1 Visa is approved, applicants may enter China and apply for Foreigner’s Working Permit, Residence Registry for Foreigners, Health Certificate and Residence Permit. Applicants must submit the Z Visa, passport, photo and other certificates when they apply the said above.

① Apply Alien Employment License in China → ② Apply Z Visa / S1 Visa in HK → ③ Apply Foreigner’s Working Permit, Residence Permit. Different supporting documents are required in the process that is complicated and time consuming. Please feel free to contact us if you need supporting!