【HK】Extend the Statutory Maternity Leave to 14 Weeks

According to the Policy Address 2018, the Statutory Maternity Leave will be extended from 10 weeks to 14 weeks. It effects immediately for 36,000 female employees of the government. As setting up the related system and revising of the ordinance take time, the policy is expected to be realized in 2022. About the Maternity Leave Payment, the employer will afford for the 10 weeks as usual, while the government will pay for the rest 4 weeks. According the government’s proposal, the employer need to make payment for the 14 weeks first, then apply refund from the government. The ceiling of the refund is HK$36,822, i.e. the employee whose salary is over HK$50,000 cannot get the full refund.

About the Paternity Leave (effective from 27 Feb 2015), it is proposed to increase from 3 days to 5 days. The details is under discussion. If the male employee intends to take the leave, he must inform the company at least 3 months before the expected date of confinement or 5 days before the actual leave date. The entitlement conditions are the employee has worked for the company for 40 weeks or above and the valid certificate.