【HK】2018 Average Adjustment Rate in Salary

Recently, the largest job searching portal Jobs DB and Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM) announced the2018 Average Adjustment Rate in Salary. According to Jobs DB’s survey in Jan 2018, the salary increased 1.8% compared with 2017 (3.9%) to 5.7%. While HKIHRM’s survey in Jan 2018 showed that the salary increased 0.3% to 3.2% as compare with the survey in Jan 2017. It is assumed that the economy gets better and the companies tend to increase the salary to retain their staffs.

According to the joint survey organized by Hong Kong Professional Management Association (HKPMA) and Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), the average adjustment rate in salary for past 5 years are summarized in below table.

2018 HK Average Adjustment Rate in Salary

About the average bonus (related with company sales), Jobs DB’s survey showed 1.6 months in 2018, 0.1 month more than in 2017(1.5 months). On the other hand, HKIHRM’s survey result is 1.69 months in 2018, 0.34 month more than in 2017 (1.35 months). The bonus amount represents a good sales performance of companies.

Review of existing staff’s benefits is important to retain good staff. More and more companies tend to improve staff benefits by increasing number of annual leave, extend the maternity leave or paternity leave, providing birthday leave, training program or free refreshment, accepting casual wear or early leave on Friday and so on. Higher employee satisfaction rate and motivation will retain and attract talents to work for your company and then an increasing sales amount of your company can be expected. Therefore, it is time to review your old staff benefit package!