Creating your Resume / CV

For job hunting, it begins with creating an easy to read resume/ CV to promote yourself. Necessary information should be written briefly for easy understanding. The resume will be the first impression for the HR staff to see your writing ability; and in order to increase document screening passing rate, it is better to focus on creating good impression on your resume.

Necessary Information

Expected Occupation, Industry
Give list of occupations you desire, which matches with your experiences and skills.
On your employment history
List the commencement and resignation date, company name, company industry, position, occupation category, job description, and reasons for leaving. It is recommended to list detailed achievements. Especially for the job description, it is a good chance to promote your experiences to employers. It is better to create your own resume to appeal achievements and experiences you have gained in order to impress employers.
On your academic qualifications
List the latest academic qualifications, entrance and graduation year and month, department, and major. Also list other related history such as overseas training, exchange studies, and/ or language studies abroad.
On certifications
List language certifications, accounting related qualifications, and other qualifications here.
Salary / Remuneration
Give the expected remuneration in Hong Kong dollars.
Possible starting date
Give the estimate date when you can start work.
List your skills, such as PC skills, accounting software skills, etc.

Format for Japanese and English Resume

Focus on creating easy to read sentences, format and layout.
Normally, resumes/CVs do not have any formats, so it is recommended to personalize your resume to show your creativity and uniqueness. For Japanese resumes, it is acceptable to use the common Japanese format, however, it is also necessary to create an extra detailed list of your employment history. For Japanese companies in Hong Kong, please also prepare English resume since the HR staff is usually local staff.


There should not be any vacant time on your academic or employment history, it is recommended to list working holidays, part time jobs, preparation period of qualifications etc. if any to fill in the time line. Please double check the layout before printing.

Sample of English Resume / CV